Our Housing Counseling Program provides Homeownership, One-On-One’s, Life Skills, Money Management, Credit and Foreclosure Prevention and repair counseling. Mt. Pleasant CDC is the lead agency in a Northeast Louisiana Coalition that partners with and is trained by the IRS in their Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) Program. In that program our trained staff offers tax return preparation to seniors and Low-to-moderate-income citizens from January through mid-April of each year.


Mt. Pleasant CDC have expanded our HUD Certified Housing Counseling Program to include providing Residential and Support Services to a number of other properties throughout the state of Louisiana and has four Staff members Certified through NeighborWorks®Training Institute as “Nonprofit Housing Management Specialists”.


In addition to our Housing Counseling programs we have become a low-to-moderate-income Housing Developer Certified by the state as a Community Housing Development Organization (CHDO). Being state certified as a CHDO has afforded us the opportunity to partner with For-Profit Developers to become Managing General Partner of 11 pre-existing Rural Development properties with a total of 324 Multi-family units. Through acquisition/Rehab we partner with a For-Profit Developer to acquire two other existing developments containing 48 Multi-family units. Other partnerships ventures with For-Profit Partners has led to the New-Construction of yet two more Multi-family properties containing 112 units. In nine New-Construction Developments with For-Profit Partners we have built 319 Single-family homes. In addition, we are proud to report that we have now developed two (New-Construction) Single-family Subdivisions “on our own” containing 60 Single-family houses. This brings our total Low-to-moderate-income housing stock to 863 units. Finally, we have the day-to-day management operating responsibility of one 40 unit multi-family apartment complex and four single-family subdivisions containing 148 homes. It may also be important to note that our staff has extensive training, experience and expertise in the development and management of LIHTC and HOME financed developments.

Be It Also Known, that we were awarded $900,000.00 in LIHTC’s and $750,000.00 in HOME funds to develop Pleasant Trinity Estates by Louisiana Housing Corporation under the 2014 LIHTC funding round. This, our third “On Our Own” development will contain 50 single-family homes in southeast Ouachita Parish and is currently under development.

To ensure a high quality operation, we are governed by a highly qualified and educated Board of Directors, employ a seasoned “Compliance Management Company”, operate under the Quickbooks Financial management system and track performance using the One-Site Property management system.

The term “Low-income” is often misinterpreted as “Public Housing” or a property soon to be transformed into a ghetto. They couldn’t be further from the truth. With compliance monitoring from State Housing Authorities, local Housing Authorities, Investors and the management Company, these developments build sustainable neighborhoods and has a positive impact sure to enhance the community. Home building generates substantial economic benefits to the local/regional economy in which it takes place. It creates jobs; provides new income to local/regional businesses and workers and create taxes and other revenue for federal, state and local governments. The National Association of Home Builders has developed a model to estimate these local/regional benefits. The model is comprehensive in the sense that it captures the effects of the construction activity itself. With this model we are able to substantially document the impact that occur when income earned from construction activities is spent and the ongoing impact that results from the new home becoming occupied by residents who pay taxes and otherwise contribute to the local economy.